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Issue 1-2 of 2021 contains articles on : Spare No Scrap. A Piece of Binder’s Waste as Evidence for Institutional Development at the Abbey of Prémontré in the Thirteenth Century (H. Wacha et Y. Seale). ♦ Le statut juridictionnel des paroisses catholiques du Kosovo-et-Métochie au Moyen Âge (D. Janjić). ♦ The Joy of Lists. The Provinciale Romanum, Tribute and Ad Limina Visitation to Rome (B. G. E. Wiedemann). ♦ Jean Gerson (1363-1429) and Woman’s Authority of Virtue Within and Outside the Household (Y. Mazour-Matusevich). ♦ Pratique religieuse et pouvoirs à la fin du Moyen Âge : les litterae confessionales de la pénitencerie apostolique (V. Beaulande-Barraud). ♦ François I: Religious Reformer? (M. McNicoll). ♦ Jacques Maritain et Nicolas Berdiaev: un « émouvant dialogue » entre le philosophe thomiste et le philosophe russe (1925-1948) (B. Hubert). ♦ De l’Église-Nation à l’État-Nation (1945-1968). Le Québec français face à l’enjeu de l’immigration (J.-Ph. Croteau). ♦ A miscellany of J.-M. Auwers dedicated to the “Éditions récentes de textes patristiques (7)”. ♦ A critical note by R. Ceulemans on The Firestarter in the Now Completed Analysis of Psalter Catenae by Gilles Dorival. ♦ A critical note by M. Stróżyński on Distorted Image. Regarding Laela Zwollo’s St. Augustine and Plotinus: the Human Mind as Image of the Divine.

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Issue 3-4 of 2021, to be published in January 2022, will include the following articles : Caesarius of Heisterbach Revisited. New Approaches to the Eight Miracle Books (Libri VIII miraculorum) (J. Burkhardt et A. Holste-Massoth). ♦ Nepos domini episcopi. L’affaire de Ranieri II Ubertini entre Arezzo et Volterra (1254-1273) (J. Paganelli). ♦ Associati laici al Tempio e all’Ospedale nel Mezzogiorno italiano tra XII et XIV secolo (V. Ricci). ♦ Die Schritte zur Einführung des Stimmrechts per nationes auf dem Konzil von Konstanz (1414-1418) (F. Tavelli). ♦ John Dygon and the Ars moriendi (S. Wenzel). ♦ La trayectora del Cardinal Serra (c. 1427-1517). Clientelismo, gobierno y promoción artística hispana en la Roma del Renacimiento (A. Fernández de Córdova). ♦ L’adoration de Naaman. Pour une histoire croisée des querelles des rites (C. Santus). ♦ Église Vivante (1949-1971). Le porte-parole missiologique de la Société des auxiliaires des missions (SAM) (T. Ooms). ♦ (R)évolutions de la mixité en contexte catholique. La jeunesse indépendante catholique féminine des sixties : une étude de cas (C. Banse).

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During the year 2021, three books have been published in our book series of the Bibliothèque de la RHE :

S. Scatena, Taizé, une parabole d’unité. Histoire de la communauté des origines au “concile de jeunes” [trad. française de l’italien Taizé, una parabola di unità. Storia della comunità dalle origini al concilio dei giovani], 650 p., 43 ill. [BRHE, 108].

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C. Marchal, Un âge d'or des chapitres nobles de chanoinesses en Europe au XVIIIe siècle. Le cas de la Franche-Comté, 284 p., 14 ill. [BRHE, 109].

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Ph. Chenaux et L. Žak (éd.), Verso l'Ut Omnes ‒ Towards Ut Omnes. Vie, luoghi e protagonisti dell’ecumenismo cattolico prima del Vaticano II ‒ Ways, places and protagonists of Catholic ecumenism before Vatican II, 183 p. [BRHE, 110].

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The double fascicle of the Dictionary, 193b-194, published in 2021, contains an abundant series of entries devoted to religious men and women : 50 Spanish Benedictines; 4 Spanish Premonstratensians; 1 Spanish Minim; 4 Spanish Augustinians : A. Massari de Cori, J. Medina Rincón, D. Melo de Portugal, F. Méndez; 5 Oblates of Mary Immaculate : Y. Bertrais, M. Borzaga, R. Charrier, L. Van Tighem, L. Hermant; 3 Jesuits: H. de Lubac, and the Bollandists D. Papebroch and H. Delehaye; 2 Dominicans: M.-D. Chenu and R. Hoeckman; to whom we must add St Jerome of Stridon, the archbishop Peter II of Tarentaise and Father H. Loison. ‒ As far as the secular clergy is concerned, we note the contributions dealing with the French cardinals L. Dubois and J. Mathieu, the Roman prelate V. Tizzani, the bishop and canon Stephen of Tournai, the canon Pierre l'Ermite, and the rector of the Catholic University of Louvain, É. Massaux. ‒ Among the great secular figures, we should mention the English King Stephen, the French King St Louis, the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV the Bavarian and, in the contemporary period, the Belgian politician and civil servant A. Oleffe. ‒ Lastly, with regard to geographical entities, we would like to single out the article dedicated to the pilgrimage of Foy Notre-Dame (Belgium).

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In issue 195, to be published in February 2022, we will find general articles on the Assumptionists, on the Knights Templar, and individual articles on people of religion: 25 Bollandist Jesuits, the German Jesuit and exegete L. Fonck, the French Jesuit F. Martin; for the Oblates of Mary Immaculate : J. Barbedette (one of the visionaries of Pontmain) and J. Metzler, prefect of the Archivio Segreto Vaticano; a long contribution is devoted to the Discalced Carmelite Nicolò di Gesù Maria Doria; no less than 8 articles are reserved for the Augustinians: the Italians S. Martinelli and his brother Cardinal T. M. Martinelli, G. Menochio and A. Molari, the Spaniards B. Martínez Noval and G. de Molina y Oviedo, the Portuguese A. de Meneses, the Maltese P. Micaleff. Finally, one nun is honoured: Marie Le Roy Ladurie (Marie de l'Assomption). ‒ Among the secular clergy, in addition to the prefect of the Archivio Segreto Vaticano, M. Giusti Marte, there are articles on the French cardinals L. Luçon and J.-M. Lustiger, on the bishop of Liège J. É. Zaepffel, on the canonist M. Verhoeven, on the Irish priest and professor of medieval philosophy at the Catholic University of Louvain J. McEvoy, on the biblical scholar L. Lusseau. ‒ The French freethinker and physician F. Pactet completes the biographies. ‒ As far as places are concerned, there are 10 Cluniac establishments, including the priory of Longpont and the Benedictine monastery of Marcigny-sur-Loire, as well as an article on the religious history of the Limousin region. ‒ Finally, the Lamentabili decree (1907) and the Simbas rebellion in Congo are among some general themes or concepts discussed.

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