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Useful free-access sites for the historian of christianity

v  Official Acts of the Holy See (ASS, AAS, 2d WW) (

 Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (

 The Ancient World Digital Library, some classic books on Ancient World
    digitized in ocr (

 Annales Historiae Conciliorum: journal, lexicon and bibliography (, a true Internet Memory (

 Archives de littérature du Moyen Âge (Arlima) (

 Archivio Apostolico Vaticano (

 The Assumptionists of Europe: biographies and various documents (

v  The Assumptionists of North American Province: biographies, history...

 Australian Dictionary of Biography (

v  Baptist Studies online: biographies, archives (

v  Biblindex: index of biblical quotations in the christian literature of Antiquity and the Middle Ages (

 Bibliothèque Clio, historical articles of university level (

Biographia Benedictina. Dictionary of Benedictine Biography online

v  Biografía de Chile (

v  Biografisch lexicon voor de geschiedenis van het Nederlands protestantisme (

v  Biographia Cisterciensis (

 Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity (

v  Biographie coloniale belge (

 Biographie Nationale de Belgique (

 Biographie-Portal: Germany, Austria, Switzerland (

The Canadian Encyclopedia (

 Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church (

 The Catholic Encyclopedia: (

 Catholic Hierarchy (

 Catholic Hierarchy in China since 1307 (

 Catholic News Archives (

 Cerl Thesaurus ( )

 Christian Classics of Ethereal Library (

v  Cistopedia - Encyclopædia Cisterciensis (

 Clergy of the Church of England Database 1540-1835 (CCEd) (

v Corpus synodalium. Local Ecclesiastical Legislation in Medieval Europe (

 Codicologia by the Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes (

 Crédic. Centre de Recherches et d'Échanges sur la Diffusion et l'Inculturation du Christianisme (

Dictionary of African Christian Biography (

 Dictionary of Canadian Biography (

 Dictionnaire biographique des frères prêcheurs (France, 19th-20th cent.) (

v  Diccionario Biográfico Español (

 Diccionario Histórico Biográfico de Guatemala


v  Dictionary of Art Historians (

 Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (

 Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (

v  Diplomata Belgica. The Diplomatic Sources from the Medieval Southern Low Countries

 Dizionario biografico degli Italiani (

 Dizionario del pensiero cristiano alternativo (

 Documenta Catholica Omnia (

 Duke Papyrus Archive, resources for papyrology (

 EarlyChurch. Resources on the history of the Early Church (

 Enciclopedia dei papi (

v  The Encyclopedia of World Methodism (2 vol., 1974) (via

 Berber encyclopaedia (

v  Ereticopedia. Dizionario di eretici, dissidenti e inquisitori nel mondo mediterraneo (

v  Franciscan Authors (

 Gallica, digital library of the BNF (

 Gameo, Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (

 Giga-Catholic Information (

 Glossary of Monastic Terms (

 Gorgias Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Syriac Heritage (

 The Hagiography Circle, the status of the process of beatification and canonization (

 Digital Indipetae Database. Jesuit Petitions for Missions (

v  Institutum Historicum Augustinianum. Alphabetum Augustinianum (

 IntraText Bibliotheca Religiosa (

 Intratext Digital Library Enchiridion Vaticanum (

 Jesuit Archives. Central United States (

v Jesuit online Library (

v  Klöster und Stifte des Alten Reiches und angrenzender Gebiete (

v  History of the Knights Templar and the Crusades (

 Mandragore, iconographic database of manuscripts department of the BNF (

 Mandements des princes-évêques de Liège, du M-Â à 1802 - Maps and plans
   of the diocese of Liège (

 MennLex, Mennonitisches Lexikon (

 American Methodism (Duke Divinity School) (

v  The Encyclopedia of World Methodism (2 vol., 1974) (via

 Migration of Faith. Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity (

 Minimospedia (notices on the Order of Minims) (

 Institut de recherche France-Asie, Archives of the Missions Étrangères de Paris (

v  History of Missiology (School of Theology of the Boston univ.) (

v  Redemptorist biographies (

v  Redemptorist dictionaries

v  Missionaries Spiritans: biographies (

 Monumenta Germaniae Historica online (

 Nationaal Biografisch Woordenboek van België (

v  Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek (

v  Oblates of Mary Immaculate: historical dictionary (

v  Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon (

v  Online Lexikon zur Philosophie (

v  Orden Online (

 History of the Order of St. Augustine (

History of military orders (

v  Perú católico (

 Siefar. Dictionnaire des femmes de l'Ancienne France (

v  Société des missions évangéliques de Paris: archive and library (

 Archives of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers) (

v  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (

v  Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography (

v  Nieuwe Encyclopedie van de Vlaamse Beweging (

v  Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland (

v  Wikipia, the Piarist encyclopedia in Spanish (